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Q1 2019 Update!

Hi Everyone! We are off and running in the new year, Happy 2019! We have reached over 3,000 kids with our Water for Schools campaign since we started in 2017! I want to thank all our Friends of KiliTech for this amazing accomplishment. We raised over $10,000 during our Giving Tuesday fundraising event this past November and the funds were dedicated to build new toilets and improve sanitation and water distribution at Seliani Primary school, which has over 1,100 students between the ages of six and thirteen.

In October, 2018, at Seliani school a pit latrine collapsed with a student inside. It was a massive rescue effort to save the little boy, and thankfully he's back in school after a short stay in the hospital. We honored him during the grand opening of the new latrines and he is pictured below. He literally collapsed in my arms and I will always treasure this moment with Emmanuel (make sure you watch the heartwarming video of him).

Please enjoy the photos and videos of the work made possible through you. It is KiliTech's goal is to reach over ten-thousand kids by the end of 2020! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, we know the world needs a lot of help and we are honored and proud that you have included KiliTech in your charity giving.

-- Laurel

Laurel with student at Seliani school injured during latrine collapse

Images from the collapsed latrine at Seliani primary school and the rescue operation of the student trapped in the rubble.

Images of the new toilets built by KiliTech and the grand opening event with Arumeru District Commissioner, Jerry Murro, students, and parents.

Video of Emmanuel receiving his Bravery Award and the broadcast news event of the Seliani Water Project.

KiliTech wishes to thank Jacqueline, Lydia, Asella,

O. Mtui, H. Mghewa, Olivet Plumbing, Dr. Murro, parents, students, teachers, and all the people in Tanzania who made the Seliani Primary School water project successful!

Total project cost: $25,000

Kids benefiting: 1,112 and counting

January 7, 2019

Please visit our Vimeo page, follow us, and share, comment. Is something new we are trying and hope you enjoy.

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