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2022 Q2 KiliTech Gorilla Horizons!

Greetings, jambo, muharo, and salutations! I am delighted to tell you that we have helped over 20,000 children and hundreds of adults in Tanzania. Not to rest on our laurel's we were thinking what shall we do next? I am super excited to tell you that we will hopefully be working next in Rwanda!

Tony and I visited Rwanda in 2016 and loved seeing the mountain gorillas who are always in danger of poaching. We are now strategizing with Haus Amberg Shepherds in Germany to train anti-poaching dogs to help the Rwandan (and hopefully Tanzanian) wildlife patrols save endangered wildlife and also helping local communities. Dogs are proving to be very effective at tracking and catching poachers. So stay tuned for more exciting news as the story develops!!

We hope you can watch our video showcasing the last two years at KiliTech bringing water and sanitation to over twenty-thousand children in Tanzania. It is titled We Deliver Our Promises!

Thank you from our hearts for the love and support you have shown us over the years.

Peace and love, Laurel & Tony

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