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KiliTech July 2021 News Letter!

Greetings and Jambo! Sorry has been a while since our last news letter but we are delighted to be writing today. We are doing well and we hope the same for you! COVID has brought many complications but we have been busy. KiliTech is currently working in Muungano village on a primary school project. We have built new toilets and brought clean running water to over five hundred children in the Arusha, Tanzania school district. Please enjoy the story and photos!

The new toilet houses built by KiliTech with running water and hand washing stations!


KiliTech first visited the school in January 2020 before COVID and found the kids loved to learn but the condition of the school was really bad. Their original toilets and pit latrines collapsed some time ago and the boys were using a field for their toilets and the girls were using the four remaining toilets that had no running water and were very unhealthy. The school had no running water.

Former boy's makeshift field toilet Former Girl's toilets


The Arusha district minister of education asked KiliTech to help and we did! The project took several months of planning and about three months of construction and we have just received the thank you letter from the district. It's a big deal to have government support and participation and we greatly appreciate the support from the Arusha and Arumeru districts.


Project cost: $27,418 Delivered:

  • Sixteen student toilets 8 for boys with urinals, 8 for girls with changing room, hand-washing stations

  • Five teachers toilets with changing room and hand-washing stations

  • Fifty student desks seating 150 students

  • Clean running city water and a 10,000 liter water storage tank


We thank you from all of our hearts to your hearts! Be safe, be strong, and be healthy!

Thank you friends of KiliTech!!

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