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Five Acres Dedicated to Health Center

East Kahe Ward Health Center

I had my first visit to the site donated by the government for the health center. It will serve four surrounding wards and 50,000 people will soon have access to healthcare as in patient and out patient. Once the center is built, we will work with Project Cure, for $25,000 they will visit the site, evaluate the facility, return to Denver and load a shipping cargo container full of medical equipment, ship it to Tanzania, and set up the health center. Truly a remarkable organization! If you are interested in learning more, please email me at!!

January 30, 2018 Update: Unfortunately, the government did not have the funding for this project in 2018 but we will keep trying. We plan to work with the village community to bring some improvements to the local dispensary. Improved healthcare is greatly needed in the ward and we welcome partners to try and get improved health services to the community!

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