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Tanzania August 2020 News!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Greetings and salutations! Hoping everyone is safe and managing well. Here's our latest news from KiliTech Tanzania. The one-thousand hand-washing buckets were donated across the Arumeru district and all ninety-five schools with over seventy-four thousand children are benefitting from our gifts! The picture shows the kids at Midawe primary school going to wash their hands before taking their lunch.

KiliTech is currently working at Mringa primary school with one thousand three hundred ninety-nine students and we are building sixteen new toilets and improving the additional toilets built by the community for a total of thirty-two new toilets for the school. One of their existing toilet houses collapsed in January and the kids have been using a makeshift latrine while they wait for their new facility to be completed.

MUUNGANO - We are working at Muungano primary school to help them solve their water problems. They have one tap for the school of four hundred and seventy-three students and water has been restricted. The school is located

downstream from several communities and often times during the day, and even for several days a week, the water is not available at the school. We are building them a water storage tank and negotiating with the community so that when they have reliable water at the school we will build them a new toilet house. Currently, they have four stalls over a pit latrine used by all students. Our goal is to build a sixteen stall toilet house with a septic tank and with running water. The headmaster is allowing the girls to use the four stalls and the boys are using a nearby field for their toilet use. The school is severely impoverished and with our help we can help these kids have a safer learning environment.

OLEMEDEYE - KiliTech is thrilled to be working with the Maasai community at Kisima cha Mungu to help complete a water storage tank, improve classrooms, donate bee hives, and build new toilets. "Kisima cha Mungu" is Swahili for "Well of God." The crater is green with vegetation and water wile above the crater the land is arid. It's a beautiful mysterious place! A charity organization who came before us built the students several classrooms but they are unfinished and they only have a small pit latrine that is in disrepair. There are over four hundred students at this school. In January we donated fifty desks seating one hundred and fifty students and we are currently working to help finish the classrooms, run water from the livestock watering hole to the school over a half mile distance, and build a new toilet house. The Maasai are also master beekeepers and we are donating at least a dozen bee hives and equipment. I cannot wait to sample the honey!

Even though we haven't been able to travel to Tanzania for a few months and despite the delays due to the pandemic our projects continue to thrive. Thank you for your continued support and friendship! We are eager to return to Tanzania and we miss our friends there dearly.

Asante sana,

Laurel & Tony

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