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KiliTech holds a stakeholders meeting at Majengo

At kiliTech we prioritize stakeholders and project beneficiaries before, during and after launching any project. Participatory approach has been our method in addressing community issues. The meeting at Majengo community hall in East Kahe Ward was purposely held for handling over 20 bee hives to Mwadu bee keeping group as well as giving feedback to the stakeholders of what we are doing and the future plans.

The meeting was attended by ward development committee which comprised every village chair man in East Kahe Ward (EKW), Village Executive Officers( VEO) of each village in EKW, Development officers from each village in EKW, Religious leaders from the ward and Tunakua groups which are the primary beneficiaries of this particular project. Below was the sequence of events at the meeting;

  1. Opening Remarks

The chairman opened the meeting at 01:30 PM by welcoming all members to the meeting. He shown his appreciation for good attendance and expressed his appreciation for the interest shown to the members. The meeting was opened by the prayer from Pastor Emmanuel Swai. Then followed the introduction of participants and dignitaries who were present at the meeting.

2. Kamili Mbando

After the prayer the chairman (Panaska) invited ward councilor Kamili Mmbando to speak, Kamili addressed the following issues

  • Health center

Kamili said that the EKW is the most privileged ward to have health project in the entire Moshi district, He said that it is the only health center to be built in Moshi District Council (MDC) for this financial year and so he told the all who were in the meeting to be grateful and should thank KiliTech for the great job they are doing to solve problems afflicting people of EKW.

  • Tunakua groups

Kamili addressed the issue of Tunakua group and said that the community development office as well as village executive officer should ensure that groups are operating and growing to be an example where all other people from the ward will be learning from. He asked village chairperson and his team to see if they can give Mwadu group a place to place their hives.

  • Education and campaign

Kamili also spoke about education and campaign he is running, he elaborated the KiliTech priorities in education field particularly improving Ghona secondary school and food program for schools.


After Kamili had finished addressing the meeting then Panaska invited Nashon to welcome Laurel. Laurel stood and after greeting addressed the following issues

  • Creation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in EKW.

Laurel addressed entrepreneurship as the best way of job creation, and with all she spoke she promised that all the knowledge and skills that have been imparted to the three forerunning groups which are Maua Mwadu and Nyota Njema will be shared by all other villages in the ward.

  • Schools program

Laurel also addressed issue concerning the school programs such as school improvement and school food program. She said that the intention of KiliTech to help in improving school nutrition is to relieve parents from the burden, she said that doing so helps the parents to focus on other development affairs which at the end brigs the development of community in general. She gave the example of Soko primary school improvement.

Laurel also addressed the KiliTech focus this year. She said that this year the focus will be directed to Ghona secondary schools and especially girls. She also addressed the nutrition data collection which is an ongoing activity and asked for the cooperation from all villages and finally finished by addressing FGM campaign.

KiliTech president promised to work with Kyomu parish pastor on youth employment through entrepreneurship and self-employment

4. Thadei Msumanje

Panaska welcomed the KiliTech director of operation Mr. Thadei Msumanje to speak few words and He addressed the following.

  • Thadei addressed issue of unity, cooperation and self-help as the three ways to make the community move forward towards development and he urged the community and leaders who were present at the meeting to uphold those three key issues. He gave the examples of health center and school improvements as the ways that people should use to learn how to cooperate and work together to achieve the goals

  • Lastly, he urged the already established groups (Tunakua group) to lead by example, he said that they should be sustainable to the extent that someone may come from anywhere to learn from them. Secondly he advised them to have apprentices so that knowledge can spread all over the ward.


Pastor Swai advocated and encouraged people to have the spirit of development. He urged community members and leaders who were there to sit with successful people and learn how to be successful, he said that community normally bewitch those who are successful. He requested for a small potato processing factory.

Kyomu village chairperson thanked the KiliTech organization for choosing Kyomu to be the pilot area for its interventions in EKW, he promised to give Mwadu bee keeping group a permanent place to place their bee hives, he said he would love to see the place like achieve where people from different places can come and learn about bee keeping or see what is happening.

6. closure

The chairman adjourned the meeting at 03:50pm by thanking the members for their good participation, contributions and comments during the meeting.

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