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Q2 2019 Update!

Women Guide Graduates of Mweka College

Greetings and salutations! We are already half way through the year, wow!! I just wanted to post a quick update on where we are and what we are doing. KiliTech continues to support the Women Guide Foundation with Glory Thobias and we have six more women waiting to attend Mweka Wildlife College. The school delayed the enrollment for the term, not sure exactly why, but they told us they will be open again the end of July so we are patiently waiting. That's one thing Tanzania has taught me that I didn't quite have down before - patience, and to go slowly "pole pole." Here is a photo of last year's group of women and soon I'll post this year's graduates.

Girls studying at Kilangalanga Secondary School

We are working with the Kibaha district commissioner to increase classrooms, build an administrative building, and improve sanitation at a secondary school in the Kibaha district called Kilangalanga. The photo of three teenage girls studying was taken at the school. Girls continue to face many challenges in Tanzania (and around the world) and we do our best to give school girls our support.

The photo of their kitchen and the amount of work for the cooks is tremendous as there is no running water nearby, like most schools in Tanzania they use charcoal for fuel, and there are 1,300 kids at the school so cooking meals is forever a challenge. The school is co-ed and ages of about 12 - 18 and classrooms are mixed. The kids love their school and Kilangalanga is a safe environment for them.

Boys taking a break from class at Kilangalanga secondary school

KiliTech has faced several challenges this year including lengthy delays due to parliamentary changes to laws governing NGOs (non-government organizations), Tanzania's equivalent of a 501(c)3, which is good as the requirements have greatly reduced corruption but it's super complicated with taxation, reports, permits, and applications. We are on top of things and have learned a great deal. The 2018 Annual Report will be issued soon! We continue to build our reputation and presence in the regions and our focus continues to be on schools with the goal of reaching 20,000 kids by 2020!

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