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See Your #GivingTuesday Dollars At Work!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Giving Tuesday is KiliTech's primary fundraising event for the past two years and both years have been fantastic! I like to refer to our donor base as, "Friends of KiliTech!" Last year, Friends of KiliTech funded Kisimani primary school water project, run by the fabulous Leah Wagner Leonard, please watch the amazing video! This year for #GivingTuesday Friends of KiliTech donated their hearts and dollars to fund our new project at Seliani primary school in Arusha, Tanzania, building new toilets, new kitchen, improve classrooms, and purchase much needed school supplies! Seliani school is a government school and has over 1,200 students between the ages of five and twelve years old and twenty-three teachers. The student's toilets collapsed about two months ago from a rotten wooden floor and collapsed with kids inside!! ​The kids are all OK!

Here are photos of the emergency response of the collapsed toilets:

These are the new toilets are being constructed by KiliTech that will have actual doors on the latrines, a tin roof, cement flooring (not wood that rots), tile and painted finishing, gypsum plasterboard, hand-washing stations, and septic tanks. The new toilets will last the school for decades and will reduce the risk of cholera and diseases. The first photo is during construction and the second photo is as of November 29th. We are almost finished with the toilets!

Photos of the new toilets under construction by KiliTech:

The kids are so appreciative and say, "Thank you, Friends of KiliTech!!" Lydia, pictured in the middle, is our GIS specialist, project manager, and office manager, a truly amazing and talented young woman working for KiliTech!

Thanks for reading and hope you check back again for more photos and updates, and THANK YOU FOR GIVING TUESDAY!


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