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Thank You!!!

KiliTech water for schools program

Tony and I want to thank everyone for your generous donations on Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2017! Tony and I have matched each and every donation dollar for dollar and we are excited for your support of our growing programs of Clean Water for Schools and the Womens Vocation Training programs! YOU have a huge impact on the lives of these women and children so please be proud that you are part of their journey!! In many cases, KiliTech is the only aid that people receive in these villages and we are thrilled with the impact and goodness we experience in bringing supplies to the villages, clean water to schools, and providing education and vocation training for women.

Below is a photo of ten women sponsored by KiliTech and currently enrolled in College of African Guide Training. These women are lead by Glory Thobias (pictured left) through her program Women Guide Foundation. Glory was Tony's and Laurel's assistant guide when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and she is a champion of women! We are currently in discussions of sending more women to Pasiansi Wildlife Training Institute to become rangers and protect elephants and rhinos from poachers! It is our goal to send one hundred women through vocation training in 2018. This is a huge opportunity for these women and we are proud to be their sponsor and part of their journey. Stay tuned for more!

KiliTech Guide Training Students lead by Glory Thobias

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