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Clean Water for 750 Children!!

KiliTech brings water to Soko School

Jambo and Greetings All!

Such exciting news to share with you! KiliTech and Friends of Kisimani School are working together to bring clean water to seven hundred and fifty children in living Mkonoo village attending the Kisimani School! Visit the Friends of Kisimani LIVE AUCTION now, ending November 6th at noon, and help raise funds for this great project!

A short history, Friends of Kisimani school is run by Leah Wagner Leonard. Leah is the executive national vice president of Arbonne Consultants and married to Aiden Leonard. Aiden is the son of Clare and Dave Leonard living in Colorado, and Dave and Tony used to work together in cable!! Aiden Leonard is a highly successful attorney and general counsel with Off Grid Electric in Arusha, Tanzania. He and Laurel met in 2016 and partnered to bring solar power and water to the Soko Village and school!

The Kisimani School water project overview:

  • Unfiltered water is readily available from two large wells

  • There is one water 'tap' that is pumped up from piping underground, used for washing dishes and drinking water

  • Here is the hand-washing station after toilet use

  • We have tried ceramic bucket filters, but they were too slow and didn't provide filtration fast enough to supply 750 students

  • There is a community member looking at doing education on the SODIS method using PET bottles

  • Filter out fluoride because it is so toxic in all of Arusha natural water

Potential solutions:

  • One 2000 litre tank up on scaffolding and the requisite piping etc to provide running water to our new offices (the toilets) and water taps connected to a trough-style sink near our kitchen to provide running water for dishes and hand washing

  • Still looking for a filtration solution that could actually make the well-water potable

  • We have 3 gravity-bucket Sawyer filters that are being donated on Monday that can be a stopgap until we find a permanent solution for drinking water. They do not filter out fluoride.

Please share the link to the auction, make a donation on the KiliTech website and select "Kisimani School," or visit the Kisimani website, share our videos, and spread the word, and more than anything, please hug one another!

Much love,


Watch our exciting videos:

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