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Last week on Wednesday, the 22nd of March 2017, Hon. Kamili Mmbando the East Kahe Ward councilor together with the Village chairperson of Ghona village met with the 137 women living in the village. This was the first meeting held in Kahe which marked the official launching of the Family Planning Campaign in the ward for the year 2017.

The meeting was held in Ghona village at the village office grounds. The theme of the meeting to motivate women living of Ghona village to advice and encourage their daughters to avoid any sexual practices to prevent them from dropping out of schools and other associated effects. The message to the women was “Mother, speak to your daughter”. The ward councilor though that it was wise to begin the campaign by speaking to the parents and guardians first particularly women. This is because the women play a greater role in raising the children therefore has more influence to them especially in social aspects of their lives.

The councilor, Mr. Kamili, emphasized on the importance of protecting the young girls against all things that may become an obstacle in their pursuit for their education. He presented to women the danger of not speaking to their children about life threatening issues such as HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies and Female Genital Mutilation. He also emphasized on the danger paused by these challenges and told the women that they are the first people that their children should start to hear these warnings from.

Moreover, He spoke to them about their conducts and behavior in community saying that they are also the first people that their children look at as their role model. He added that if the women in Ghona village will have good morals, the young girls will also imitate their good deeds.

He also educated the women about the importance of cooperation among themselves as parents, teachers and village leaders. He told them that if they work together as one, they will be able improve the situation of their young girls for the betterment of their future and the future of their community.

Mr. Kamili concluded his speech by promising the villagers that he will be available to support them every step of their way and during the course of this campaign.

Kilitech was very pleased by the support shown by the ward council, village council and the villagers themselves towards this campaign. A budget of 3000$ was prepared by Kilitech for this campaign expecting great changes to the East Kahe Ward. However, early signs keep us at the edge of our sits for even greater expectations in near future.

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