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Nashon's Week

Kilitech’s Project Manager Mr. Nashon Chacha gave an outstanding report this Friday on 17th March 2017. The report was generally about the progress made by Kilitech on the current projects in East Kahe ward in Kilimanjaro. The report explained three projects as follows;

First was about the Health Center in Kahe;

In the report, Mr. Nashon stated that Kilitech has opened a bank account for the Health Center now that contraction tender has been announced. Moreover, Mr. Thadei deposited TSH 200,000/=on behalf of KiliTech earlier this week in order to activate the account. According to the NMB bank officers, the account number will be made available to all signatories the following day.

However, Mr. Nashon stated in the report that it is not known yet what amount of money will be deposited by the government for the construction to begin and which company has won the construction tender.

Second was about bee keeping training

In the report, Mr. Nashon states that a meeting was held earlier this week with a bee keeping expert from FITI, Ms. Katherine. In the meeting, it was agreed that she will prepare a four week training curriculum and submit it to the Moshi Kilitech office on Monday the 20th next week together with her training fee.

In the report, Mr. Nashon also stated that one of the social groups in Kahe called the Mwadu Group sent a few group members to represent them in a one day training course that took place in Arusha. The group member learnt a few things about bee hive maintenance and management including;

  • How to repair damaged bee hive

They leant that sometimes bee hives may have cracks or the top cover may be damaged due to different causes or during the harvest some of the hives get damaged. Nick (the Trainer) showed them a few simple tricks on how to repair a damaged bee hive which does not need major repairs. Nick farther added that “Frequent maintenance of the hives improves their life spans.”

  • How to hang a bee hive

The group members also learnt more about hanging a bee hive which is one of the most important things to know about in bee keeping. Nick showed them how to hang bee hives to ensure that there is proper air circulation for the bees in the hive.

They learnt how important it is to ensure that the hive gets enough air circulation. Nick warned them that hanging a hive in thicket is not healthy for the bees because there will be no enough air circulation in hives.

Other important lessons that they gained in their trip include, proper ways of harvesting honey, how to handle pests attack and honey processing.

Mr. Nashon farther explains that the course prompted the group to require various tools like; Carpentry tools (like a hand saw, Nails, Claw Hummer, Metal smoothing plane, Chisels, Tape measure, Awl, Punches, Brace and bits, Backsaw, Gimlet, Tri Square and Screw driver), a Honey processer and Pesticides to keep away harmful pests. To make these tools available, Rashid (one of the Trainees) was assigned to prepare a list with prices of each item so that a budget can be prepared.

However, Mr. Nashon claims that their training in Arusha was very short. Nick was therefore contacted and was requested to visit the group in Kahe to show them practically how to set up their hives. He was also requested to prepare a four days training program for the group before they can start working on their own. Nick linked Kilitech with Ms. Katherine, a bee keeping expert from FITI who agreed to prepare a four days training for them.

And third was making a plan with Mr. Kamili (the Kahe District councilor) on the family planning campaign for the year 2017

Mr. Nashon states that there was a meeting that was held at Kilitech Moshi office with Hon. Kamili on Wednesday 15th March this week. The meeting was about the family planning campaign plan, the project of feeding the schools in EKW (East Kahe ward) and the research conducted about pregnancies to school children leading to drop outs from schools.

In this meeting, the following was agreed:

  • About the 2017 family campaign in East Kahe, it was agreed that Mr. Kamili would prepare a budget and list down all the activities he plans to do in the campaign and in the next meeting he will submit the proposal at the office before it is shared with the KiliTech president.

  • Secondly, about feeding children in schools of EKW, it was agreed that a meeting will be set with all the head teachers of the schools in the ward together with Panaska and Mr. Kamili and Mr. Thadei and Nashon from KiliTech. This meeting was scheduled to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. In the meeting Kilitech along with Panaska and Mr. Kamili will present to the head teachers the idea of KiliTech selling food to their schools at affordable prices to help the schools cope with the food shortage problem in EKW.

  • Lastly, Mr. Kamili agreed to endorse KiliTech in conducting the research on pregnancies and school drop outs in EKW. A research proposal is prepared, waiting to be submitted to KiliTech president for approval.

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