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Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Said Meck Sadick has commended Kahe East councilor Kamili Mmbando for talking several donors into agreeing to fund a total of 211million Tsh for a health center project in the ward.

The RC made remarks yesterday when addressing a rally attended by Kahe East residents as he inspected development of projects being implemented by the Moshi District Council.

“Other leaders including councilors and Members of Parliament need to emulate what this particular councilor has done instead of complaining when faced with problems or challenges. A leader needs to find ways of reasoning the people’s concerns and challenges” said the RC Sadick.

He explained councilor Mmbando has been implementing CCM Election Manifesto that requires each ward to have a health a Centre saying, “and this is as it should be.”

Accordingly, he directed the Moshi District Executive Director to ensure that the agreement entered into with donors was completed within the planned one-year timeframe.

Councilor Mmbando and Kilitech have signed an agreement involving the construction of a health Centre in collaboration with Wananchi arid the government.

Elaborating on the sponsorship, He said the donors have agreed to cover 50% of the construction costs while residents of the wards in question would come up with 25%.

He requested the government to cover the remaining 25% of the project’s costs to enable the public to start accessing healthcare closer to their residences.

Mmbando notified the regional commissioner that, through the same donors, several schools in the ward would be provided with water, solar power and television sets.

Moshi acting district executive director Simon Mlacha assured the RC and residents of the ward that he would work hand in glove with donors to ensure that the project was implemented by the set deadline.

“The construction of the planned health Centre will bring crucial services to us and, therefore, spare the lives of many people, especially mothers and children.”

Fadhilahi Adam a resident in a Village in the Kahe East ward said the absence of readily accessible health centers in the ward had cost the lives of many people “so the councilor’s intervention is something we must appreciate and up loud.”

“The construction of the planned health Centre will bring crucial services to us and therefore, spare the lives of many people especially mothers and children. This is mainly because it will no longer be necessary for people to travel long distances in search of the services” he noted.

The Guardian newspaper of September 26th, 2016

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