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August is HOT and KiliTech is on Fire!

After being away for 84 days I have had ALOT TO DO!! This first week here started when the airline lost my luggage which had all the gifts for Save My Talent and KiliTech for the schools and some gifts from friends to deliver to their grandson who happens to live here with their family in Arusha. After four days I got the luggage though and everyone was happy! Last week was filled with meetings with Kamili, the Ward Counselor, Thadei, and Nashon to work on the project plans for the healthcare center and children's center. We have to take things very slowly so that we, "do everything in a proper manner."

The visit to Soko Village, in East Kahe Ward, is depressing and inspiring at the same time. I spent the day yesterday in the village. The school serves over 200 children yet has no toilets because the septic tank was destroyed in May by floods. The school has no running water. The closest well is over 1km away that the women carry in a few buckets for the kids to share in use all day.

The school and the surrounding area has no power.

However, partnering with Zola Power, we are able to install solar power immediately at the school. The solar package includes lights, a radio, and TV. KiliTech is paying for the installation of a satellite TV dish and the village has agreed to pay the monthly fee for television service.

KiliTech’s #1 priority is to address these challenges for these children as there is a high risk of cholera and disease, but the village has no money to fix these life needs so KiliTech is there to help them with these challenges.

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