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IT Training Project in Sierra Leone! Contact me if you want to help!!

KiliTech is currently looking for someone to help launch an IT training project in Sierra Leone. This is not a paid position! The ideal candidate will have an active interest or experience working with NGOs in Africa, IT experience, the ability to secure and ship computer equipment, and raise donations of at least $10,000. If you are interested in assisting with this project please contact me at!

Information Technology Community Training and Service Centre (ICT) for Youth Employment Implementation Project

LOCATION: Masiaka Koya Chiefdom Port Loko District


Name: Asphaleia Kabor Project Sierra Leone

Legal Status: Registered as an NGO with Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organization, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs etc. See attached certificates.

ADMINISTRATIVE ADDRESS: 19M Korombo Lane, Wellington Estate Freetown


Name: Mrs. Zainab.R.Janneh

Position: Manager

Contact Number: +232 77 283 099/+232 76 676 471


Kabor seeks support to set up an IT Training and Service Centre to provide skills training and job opportunities for young people.

The Centre will offer business services to generate income that will help to fund the Centre, support educational programs, and promote job creation.


The Centre will be located at Masiaka, Koya Chiefdom Port Loko District.


The IT training and Service Centre will focus on six main activities:

  1. Computer Training;

  2. Basic ICT skills to prepare trainees for employment

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Secretarial services

  • Documentary filmmaking

  • Digital photography

  • Graphic Design

  1. Providing Business Services, including

  • Email

  • Photocopying

  • CD writing

  • Documentary shows, and

  • Production of promotional materials, such as business cards, souvenirs, Report card, invitation card, funeral card, BRS entry, brochures, membership card, ID card and many more.

  1. Printing of T- Shirt

  1. ComputerRepairs

  • Hardware installation

  • Software installation

  1. Internet Facility

Target Beneficiaries

The Centre will target workers with little or no experience in computing, primary school pupils, secondary and Tartary students at Masiaka town and even beyond.

Immediate Objectives:

  • Provide and promote professional IT skills to the community so that they are equipped with industry oriented quality education and training.

  • Imparting a basic level IT Literacy program for the Masiaka town and beyond.

  • Develop training and professional programs to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Training Facilities

  • The Centre will train up to 250 students a year. It will require desks, chairs, and computer equipment to accommodate at least 50 students at a time.

  • It is expected that the students will attend classes on a daily basis until they complete the training session.

  • The Centre will require desks, chairs, computers, software, cameras, and video equipment.

  • One student will be entitle to a computer during the training session.

Centre Staff

In the initial stages the Centre, staff will volunteer their services in terms of an Administrator, Instructor, IT support and cleaning staff.


The Administrator will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • The security of the equipment and training materials

  • Recruitment of trainees

  • Creating and distribution of marketing flyers to advertise the Training Centre.

  • Visiting schools and local sites to inform people about the Centre.

  • Creating a process to register and track students and their course attendance.

  • Recruiting course instructors.

  • Creating an overall Centre schedule and working with instructors to schedule courses.

  • Following up with the students on the quality of the training and providing advice to the instructors.

  • Ensuring that the courses and overall Centre meets its objectives.

  • Coaching and supporting the students with the job opportunities.

  • Setting up the Centre, including the site set-up and receiving the PC and their installation.

  • Managing the incoming generating Business Services.

  • Collaborate with the accountant on financial matters


The Instructor(s) will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Selecting the course curricula and topics.

  • Researching or creating the training materials for the course.

  • Setting up the PC equipment, including loading the correct software and instructional materials for the course.

  • Teaching the course.

  • Following up with the course participants to answer questions and coach them.

A single Instructor can manage up to 20 students with a hands-on computer course. For more than 20 students, the Instructor will need assistance to support students that may be having difficulty to follow the exercises and practices.

IT support

The IT support will be called upon as needed to help resolve technical issues with the equipment.


Introducing the Centre will not be an easy task and requires many new activities. Each activity requires some preparation and then time to revise it based upon the feedback from the community or the students. Therefore, the courses should be introducedperiodically to ensure they support the students with finding business opportunities or jobs.

Expected outcomes

  • At least 95% students will be able to complete the courses successfully

  • 75% student will be able to get job after the completion of training.

  • Independent earning along with decision-making will be possible among them.

  • Leading to set up a resources Centre for software and hardware training.





Computers & accessories

Lap Top Computer




Cabling, Hub Networking




External DVD Rom




Printers A3, A4

ID Cards Printer


Laminating Machine


Binding Machine


Giant Photocopiers


All Operating systems and application softwares


A3 printer


Bio scanner




Upgraded anti-virus

DVD Writer (8 Deck)



External Hard Drive


Computer Book

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