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May Report - Big News!

School is in Session!

All groups will receive another three weeks of training (ending in May) then we will do a full assessment for each student. We are in process of registering the village groups with the government, BRELLA,

Maua group – We are going to build them a small kitchen so they can practice as well as cook meals for events. We want to ensure we are environmentally responsible so we are researching various eco cook stoves. We do not know the cost at this time.The group continues to use the original fabrics. We are helping them facilitate finding work that coincides with their lessons so they have practical application.

Maua group have secured three important jobs to offer catering and decorating services at a wedding, and two sendoff parties on the 28th, 30thof May and will both be held at the Community Hall in Majengoand the 16th of June is in a neighboring village. These are not easy jobs at all and require utmost preparations. The event on the 28th is with three-hundred wedding guests, the event on the 30th is a send-off for a wedding and is two-hundred guests, and the event June 16 is two hundred people for a send-off. The clients are providing food, drinks, and pay for additional fabric for Maua group to use. To help them be successful we plan the following:

  • Rent bride and groom chairs because these are very special and specific

  • We need light bulbs for the hall

  • Guests will pay for the use of our new bathrooms (500TzS = 25 cents)

  • Parking will have to be arranged (clear our brush and rocks)

  • Gas and stoves for cooking – need to purchase

  • Rope lighting for decorations

NyotaNjema group – Each student will soon have a good foundation in sewing basics and how to operate the different kind of machines and then will be encouraged to select their specialty in tailoring, sewing, or embroidery.

  • More materials were provided but they still need more

  • Need a ceiling rack to hold the bolts of cloth

  • Room needs shelves and more organization and learning materials, i.e., posters for the walls

  • They need a toolbox to fix machines

  • They need electrical iron and board

  • Need light fixtures/bulbs

Mwadu group – They currently are learning basic workshop skills and about the different bee hives. We are working with Forestry Institute to hire teachers and take Mjengo students to the campus for field study and training. Once we have built a small workshop in Majengo, we will continue to teach the group how to make beehives and get a few of our own hives placed in the village by August.

  • We are building them a small workshop but we need agreement with FIFI finalized

  • Will need to purchase tools and equipment

  • Teacher salaries for workshop

  • Will place two hives and watch for the bees to come


This is an adults only program. Currently the training program is well received but moving somewhat slowly due to environmental challenges with transportation, culture, holidays (Easter was a two week holiday!), family responsibilities and working on the farms, and the need for the community to accept a regular class schedule. Because numerous training sessions are needed to fully learn and comprehend the lessons taught, some lessons have to be repeated because students have missed a class or they are slow to learn, this is OK and we certainly repeat and go as slowly as needed so they understand the material. This was anticipated, due to the circumstances of the village and poverty levels, so the teachers remain positive and encourage the men and women to continue their lessons and not get discouraged. Some adults are very dedicated to learning and attend classes regularly. These adults have been identified and receive special recognition for their dedication and efforts. Two people, one man and one women, have received advanced training and we are encouraging them to become teachers themselves. KiliTech is providing transportation and tuition for their continuing education.

In addition to the vocation training programs KiliTech has built a maize mill for grinding corn into flour. This will generate jobs for the community, provide flour for schools to make poa for childern’s and teacher’s meals, and generate sustainable income for the village where neighboring communities will come to purchase the flour.

After six months of waiting, electricity is fully installed, ready for operation! We now have to apply for work permits and tax ID number for the mill and the employees. We will start the mill but we must receive government approval, which should not be any problem, it just may take a while. In the mean time, we can grind corn for the village and practice the business skills.

Plans for May:

  • Visit bank in Himo and arrange for banking lessons to teach community about financial management, how to open up a bank account.

  • We have a visitor from the USA coming the last week of May so the week will show her the projects and take her for private safari (not paid for by KiliTech)

  • Roll out Rock Your World curriculum with MIT

  • Family planning meeting

  • Business applications for all groups

  • FITI business agreement

  • SIGNS!!

  • Maize bags

  • News event confirmation and preparation

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