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Very Important Meeting with Mawenzi Hospital and District Commissioner's Office!

The Regional Commissioner's Office has contacted us and have asked for a meeting! They agree that there is much need for healthcare in the Majengo Village, which has over 11,000 people and no healthcare clinic nearby.

We are trying to use an existing building but if we can't then we will build a new building in the east ward of the village. In the mean time, we can use our new Pentagon Hall for educational seminars, family planning, and basic healthcare services and equip with basic medical supplies.

With training from Mawenzi staff, our Majengo healthcare committee can educate the greater Majengo community and help identify who is sick and document symptoms to help determine services needed to treat Malaria, STDs, pregnancies, tuberculosis, food illness, etc. Our plan is to work with Mawenzi to define and prepare standard action plans to promote health education that can be distributed to any village community. We will build news-stands where we can publish and distribute educational materials to encourage community participation and involvement, much like we are doing for the women’s vocation training.

The communities HAVE to be involved! Our own Maua Group can help with organizing the seminars and meeting services. We can also offer free computer training and English classes at MIT for doctors and nurses!

Tony will be with me in Moshi in February and the plan is for him to meet with Mawenzi at the District Medical Office to determine how we can help provide internet and computer services. I love how this is evolving! Send your prayers and positive thoughts for our success!

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