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Beekeeping is official!! The village abuzz!!

Last week Thadei and Nick Maos, with Beekeeping Development Ltd., met with Freddie Chikima, owner of Real Life Adventure Travel, to discuss the placement of beehives on Freddie's family property located in Marangu village on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Nick says the location is perfect and Freddie has agreed to let us place the hives on his property! We will start with five hives, Langstrom hives, that will have nine frames. Each hive should produce up to 30lbs of honey! Beekeeping is a new adventure for me so I have a lot to learn! We are saving money to buy a truck so we can train beekeepers in Majengo village and transport the frames from Marangu Village to Majengo Village to extract the honey when the time is right. We also need funding for the hives and beekeeping equipment. We are very excited about this project and will be good income producing business and create jobs for people in the village! We are asking for donations, angel donors who donate $500 or more will be listed on the label of our first production and I will bring you jars of honey! Contact me if you are interested in being part of this amazing venture!

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