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Things are rocking!

The projects all show real promise, we have received 50 women applicants and 12 men! Because of the interest from men we plan to have beekeeping/honey/candle making and even other vocations for men so stay tuned, details to follow! We have hired a project manager to help with the day to day activities and reports, his name is Nashon. Nashon visits the village twice a week to work through challenges and keep the momentum going! The feeling with Thadei and I is this project is placing Kilitech in a famous and popular role in the community and the local government authority sees it as a role model to others!

The building is about 80% done, we need to pour the cement floor and we are also looking into bringing in solar power for lights and computers and charging stations.


  • Getting the word out about the vocations has been slow but picking up

  • Inadequate construction experts delays improvements to building

Evaluation and Next Steps

  • Focus on event planning and sewing vocations first

  • Meet with contractors to understand construction challenges

  • Pour concrete floor in community hall

  • Produce draft cirriculum for the vocations

  • Obtain the desks and chairs for twenty students

  • Build lockers and shelves for all the wonderful donated school supplies!

I will be over there the entire month of February and am exicted to see all the progress! Thanks for following us and stay tuned!

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