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Awesome progress and thank you for all the donations!!

Greetings all! Thank you for taking the time to catch up on KiliTech progress! We have received almost $20K in donations just in the past few months!! This is awesome and allows us to work hard and keep our momentum going with the projects!! We are saving lives and providing the people in Majengo village with real results and guarantees for a better future!!

We have brought on a part time project manager (consultant based) in Moshi to help Thadei with project reports, metrics, and newsletters. He just started yesterday but I expect to have the first reports this week! This is great because I need him to provide regular and ongoing reports and photos so we can share with our donors and partners our progress. I will also work with him to produce a monthly newsletter. He has previous NGO/non-profit experience and is fluent in English. In November, when I was there, I also met with an official at the Department of Administration and I hope to have KiliTech as a registered in Tanzania next year. This will better position us to work with the government and increase our profile and TZ government support. We are making great progress with the projects: The Girls Vocation and Education includes sewing, beauty school, childcare, beekeeping, and english teaching. This is a huge program and taking up the majority of our time for the moment because we hope to be in the position to roll it out in February when I return with a grand opening celebration with government and village officials! We have to create the curriculum and lesson plans, teacher and student standards, operating procedures, and provide all the things involved with teaching these programs and supplies. We have just about finished upgrading the building which has water, cement floors, secured doors and windows, and paint. Next we will purchase all the desks, chairs, and equipment specific to the vocations (sewing machines, materials, beauty school supplies, childcare supplies and daycare services, bee keeping and honey equipment, etc). We have placed the application for enrollment for the girls/women to fill out (age requirement is 16 - 60). You can see new photos from the November trip on the KiliTech website! This program will provide up to 100 women with the training needed to start their own business and work in these vocations! For the mobile health clinic, we are working on securing a building owned by KCMC hospital for the mobile health clinic. We are negotiating a contract with them where we can lease the building for $50/month and we provide all the building materials needed to upgrade the building so it is suitable for the clinic, and they will provide the doctors, nurses, and healthcare services to the village twice a month.He $50/month rent for the building will help them cover their costs for the staff. We met with them in November but the director of the hospital was called away so we could not get any decisions or approvals. Thadei will meet with them again soon and I will have more information to provide you. We met with a master bee keeper, Nicholas Maseo, and we are positioned to hire his services and purchase his equipment to house 4-6 hives to begin with in Marangu village, which has plenty of flora, and we are working on the operations of getting the frames from Marangu village to Majengo village where they will harvest and package the honey. This is part of the girls vocation program and will create jobs for women to package and sell the honey! We are also exploring the possibility and what all is involved with making bees-wax candles. Nick will provide all the equipment and training that we need For the porter education we are spending about $3,000 to improve an existing building in a small village in Marangu, which is where most of the porters live. This building will support about 40 students and run by a local foundation where they will offer English lessons to porters. We also have a donor who is trying to get us 100 pairs of boots we can give to the porters! Maize Mill: We are at a stand still waiting on power. Options are wait for TANESCO (local elec company) but with no ETA, and we are also in discussions with a solar power company based in Washington and with operations in Africa, for solar power. Everything is going very well and I will be over there for five weeks in February and March, and again in May or June is my plan. THANKS, EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND REMEMBER, ANYTHING YOU CAN DO TO SECURE DONATIONS WHETHER IN MONEY, TECHNOLOGY, AND MATERIALS (COMPUTERS, SCHOOL BOOKS/SUPPLIES, CLOTHING FOR KIDS AND PORTERS) KEEP IT COMING AND SPREAD THE WORD!

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