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Beekeeping is all a buzz!

We are so excited to be working with The Bee Guru, Gregg McMahan to bring bees to the Kyomu Village in Majengo! This will be a VERY exciting project for us in 2016. Leslie Ellis, our creative director, is also a bee expert and works closely with Gregg on beekeeping projects in Colorado. We are so excited to have Leslie and Gregg with us! Keep posted for some amazing photos as we kick this project off the ground and get the bees and hives introduced to the area and train the villager in the business of bee keeping!

Bee keeping is a perfectly situated income generating activity in the Kilimanjaro area and a good supporter for rural economic development. Moreover, bee keeping is an environmentally friendly activity since bees need a variety of plants and a pollutant-free environment to thrive. Bee keeping has been widely used as an incentive for conservation and reforestation programs. KiliTech will also work with village cooperatives to purchase their honey and provide a market for their product. We will promote the adoption of locally appropriate but environmentally friendly bee hives and provide training in bee keeping techniques.

This will be an amazing project and TAREO is working with the government agencies to get their support and promotions to make this a highly successful projet.

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