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Men and Women

When we first began our program in late 2015, we did it to support the women encouraging gender equality, but as the program grew we quickly realized that to truly support and encourage "gender equality," we needed to support men and women together. Our motto is now, "Pamoja, Tunakua," which is Swahili for "Together we are growing!" We trained seventy-one men and women in sewing and tailoring, decorating and catering, beekeeping and honey/candle/soap making. We hired teachers from nearby Moshi and they would travel to the community for several months teaching the adults in these vocations. We also built a maize mill where we are producing maize (corn) flour and millet for sale and free to the schools and offering employment. The sewing group provides uniforms to the children and sell clothes and embroidery. The women's decorating group had their first job for over 300 people (a wedding!) and make over $150 a month. 

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