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Staff & Group Leaders

Laurel Werner

President and Founder

Laurel is president of KiliTech and travels to Tanzania numerous times a year to oversee the projects. She is passionate about helping people and fights for women's rights in Tanzania and around the world. Laurel volunteers her time on advisory boards including Thomson Safaris and Creative Visions and the American Red Cross

Asella Msando


Asella also serves as a board member and provides expert legal advice regarding KiliTech projects. Asella routinely visits KiliTech projects and provides her expertise keeping them on track and helping the community properly register for permits and follow Tanzanian commerce laws.

Lydia Maliti

GIS Specialist and General Manager

Lydia is KiliTech's GIS specialist and is an expert in collecting and analyzing drone imagery, geotagging and referencing KiliTech projects, and has literally put KiliTech on the map! Lydia collects, integrates, and analyzes geographic data, which helps us fully understand community challenges and solutions including water and power distribution, land use analysis, and community based services in relationship to population density. Lydia graduated from Dar es Salaam University with a Bachelor's degree in Geographic Information Studies. 


Leader of the Women Vocation Groups

Nipaeli is a strong leader of the women's vocation groups. She has built the Maua decorating group from the ground up and they are now almost fifty women strong! They cater and decorate community weddings with over three hundred guests! Nipaeli also helps the women's sewing group of over thirty women. She is an incredible leader to the women and helps the younger generation be strong and responsible. Nipaeli also drives the village truck and the Maua group to their clients and events!


Leader of Mwadu Beekeeping

Rashidi is charismatic and honorable and is the leader and teacher of the men's beekeeping group, Mwadu, thirty strong and growing! The group manages over twenty bee hives and more are being added to their inventory. He takes care of the hives and trains other members in beekeeping. Rashidi is a strong leader and also guides the young men to work hard and be responsible youth. He also is responsible for taking care of the village truck and transports supplies and helps the vocation groups reach their goals across the community. Rashidi lives in Majengo Village.

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