Our efforts are primarily focused in the Majengo village which has several wards including Kahe, where we have been working, and Soko, which is our new project area for 2017. The combined area has about fourteen thousand people. Majengo is located about 50 kilometers from the town of Moshi. In the 2012 census Majengo village consisted of 5,595 women, and 5,789 men. Of these half are children, 75% are under the age of 40 years, 70% are unemployed, 62% are illiterate with little to no education, and average income is $1000 TzS per day -- or 46 cents per day in US dollars. (TNSB, 2012). The people are hard working and appreciate the smallest kindness. As you can see by the photos is it a harsh and unforgiving landscape. The nearest healthcare clinic is in Himo which is almost impossible to get to by foot and the only other mode of transportation is by motorcycle. We have built a community hall, about fifty feet by fifty feet where we hold the vocation training classes and the women use to host the weddings. The last wedding was for three hundred people and the thirty women who are in the vocation earned $150USD they split between themselves.

Majengo Village
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